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  • Premium Drug Data Access


    Access to premium drug data with images, descriptors, and detailed data, including strength, class, package size, and more.

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  • Unit-of-Use


    Unit-of-Use for bulk pill counting and inventory. Count blister packs, inhalers, creams drops, liquids, and more.

  • Pharmacy Software Interface


    Streamlines prescription filling by receiving Rx transactions directly from your pharmacy software to VIVID.

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  • Brand and Generic Equivalent Substitutions


    Brand and generic equivalent substitutions via the Generic Product Identifier (GPI).

  • Track & Trace


    Track & Trace with GS1 Data Matrix: NDC, LOT, Expiration Date, and Serial Number.

  • Unlimited Transaction Logs


    Unlimited transaction logs and reporting with data backup.

  • Pill Fragment Detection


    Detects pill fragments and assists with identifying incorrect pills. Alerts to heaps and desiccants.

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  • Counts Most Translucent Pills and Gelcaps


    Quickly and accurately counts most translucent pills including gelcaps.

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The Fastest Pill Counter Ever
Just Count and Fill

About Picture

The VIVID is the pill counter you have been waiting for. Real-time counting and 99.99% accuracy guarantee you won’t miss a pill. Cost effective and maintenance-free counting is here.

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Equipped with every feature a fast-paced pharmacy needs.



The most affordable vision pill counter ever.

More speed and accuracy in every count

Just pour the pills on the tray and get the count instantly. With only a single scan it logs drug data, prescription number, and quantity.

Always Ready to Count

No scanning or pill training required.
The only pill counter in its class with a Quick Count Mode.


1. Dispense pills onto the tray.
2. Confirm the count.
3. Tilt the tray and transfer the pills to the patient’s vial.

It can do more than just count


The VIVD interfaces with pharmacy management software. Rx transactions are automatically sent to the VIVID for counting. When finished the VIVID sends an acknowledgment to the pharmacy software with the count quantity and tray image.

Rx Verification
Rx Verification

Performs quick Rx validation to make sure the right drug is dispensed to the right patient.

Quick Count
Quick Count

Just count and fill with the quick count mode. No barcode scanning, calibration or pill training required. Every result is continuously verified using our patented algorithm at a rate of five times per second.

Double Count
Double Count

It validates and enforces double counts of CII, CIII, CIV, and CV drugs to make sure the right drug and quantity is dispensed.

User Authentication
User Authentication

Set up an unlimited amount of users, locations, and administrators. Quickly login with a PIN or password. User activity is always logged in the transaction reports.

Transaction Log
Transaction Log

Transactions are logged and stored in the user’s online cloud account. An image is automatically captured showing exactly what was dispensed on the tray when the transaction was completed.


The VIVID keeps a record of everything. An image is automatically captured showing exactly what was dispensed on the tray when the transaction was completed. Past transactions can be easily retrieved by scanning the Rx or NDC number and exported to PDF.

USP <800> Compliant

Not only one of the most accurate, but also one of the safest pill counters on the market. The VIVID meets the standards and requirements for safe handling of hazardous drugs as defined by USP General Chapter <800>.

Thoughtful and easy-to-use

Our user-friendly app makes pill counting a breeze. Use it out-of-the-box, with no instructions required.
It’s easy to configure and adapt to your pharmacies’ workflow.


Fun, Fast, and easy to use. The VIVID Pill Counter!

VIVID is the Pill Counter you want with the features you need, so Chuck the Tray and Automate Today!

The VIVID Pill Counter captures a photo of the tray at the end of each transaction!


With unmatched price to performance ratio the VIVID is one of the most affordable pill counters on the market.
It’s cost effective, loaded with features, and guarantees instant ROI. Don't hesitate,
chuck your tray and automate today!

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